Public lights

How much money did your local community spend on public lighting? In this example, a calculation is made for classic lighting. I use 4 types of luminaires (A, B, C, and D), 3 bulb strengths (350, 400 and 500W), three zones (1, 2 and 3). Made a rule in which zone can be what light bulb strength.

As a standard, the method is to turn on light from one center and a fixed time is included. I looked at sunrise and sunset, corrected the weather, and it was more than clearly evident that using only light sensors we could make huge savings! The price of sensors is not included.

With LED light we can save much more money, but if you need that, ask for analyzing.

At the end, I added a case to the comparison if LED lighting was used. The differences apply to classic light bulbs versus optimized ignition and shut-off times using classic lighting fixtures or LEDs.

You can also see it at Tableau Public:

Solution for public lights

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