Water distribution network

Every good project begins with the preparation of graphic data.

Surveyers give us elements, and then i make attribution of elements, and graphic elements are linked by relations to elements existing in the database.

GIS database – preparation in Manifold Systems

After that i have import data into MS SQL database and start with Tableau.

I have make 4 Dashboards.

First Dashboard:

Water distribution network – Dashboard1

At first Dashboard you can see mat with graphical elements, you can select Community, street. Also, you can switch Theme by profile or type of network. Here you have also information about water counsumation, distribution area and measuring units.

Second Dashboard

Dashboard 2

At this dashboard you can select a day to see data about supervised water pumps.

The third Dashboard

Water consumption by user and location

At third Dashboard you can select Community, Street and Private users/Companies. Data about consumption are present at map and also in table for selected partner.

Fourth dashboard

Partner – Streets

The fourth Dashboard give you graphical view about partners and streets.

Whole project you can try at Tableau public:


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