Geospatial data and Tableau

Increasingly, the need for spatial data analysis is emerging, most commonly sought after by GIS and FM users. There are two leaders:

  • ESRI in the GIS segment, and
  • Archibus in the Asset management segment.

They are both great products in their segments.
But managers are looking for daily information on which they base their decisions, and generally do not use these tools, but want fast and quality information.
There is room for Tableau as an integrator of all this information.
I will list some segments where there is absolutely a lot of room to apply Tableau as solution.

Demographic analysis

Often we need population data in various business segments. The needs are obvious in multiple segments: for example, in marketing, we target a specific age group to increase sales. I also want to plan a settlement development, and we don’t know where our young population and retirees are!
This is an example of one solution.

Population Analysis by GeoBIViz

Utility line analysis

In almost every local community there is a water supply network, sewage system, gas network, electricity, telecommunication network, etc.
They all have some of their own devices that are controlled via SCADA. Also they all have users!
Tableau as an integrator is a logical choice!

Here is example:

Water distribution network by GeoBIViz

or to analyze the effectiveness of public lighting

Public lights effectiveness by GeoBIViz

In a very simple way, we can integrate the data from our maps with Street View data and get a nice view of our data!

Tableau – Street View integration

Waste collection

Yes, we can use Tableau in this segment too!

Waste management

Balance analysis for local and regional government

Data analysis at national or regional level

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