Public tenders & Register of signed contracts

How often did it happen to your sales team that they did not submit an offer to a competition because they forgot or did not know about it?
It came to an end, I have a solution for you that is applicable in almost every country! Tableau is great tool to do that!

For starters, are you interested in tenders under a particular CPV code, or over a period of time, or by name? Watch the video!

Public Tender solution

You would like to bid, but you are not sure what price to offer!

I have a solution for that too! Take a look at the contracts made so far and it will be easier to determine the price! The video is here!

Register of signed contracts

When we talk about public money and public bidding, there should be a reporting system by different criteria. In many countries, the Ministry of the Economy is following this theme.

The solution provides quality daily reporting!

Any question?

I’m sure you want this solution yesterday!
I’m ready to collaborate!


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