Consultant vs. Senior Consultant vs. Old man?

Consultant – a person who provides expert advice professionally.

Lately it seems like a flood of consultants! They are all consultants. I was shocked to see that a person who graduated a year ago – became a consultant!

Just imagine if you paid expensive consulting services, would they be silent about sending you a person with one year of experience?
In tenders companies seek out these consultants with 2-5 years of experience!

After 5 years, are you probably a Senior Consultant?

What then are you if you have 15+ years of work experience? Old man?

Obviously, the value system has fallen sharply over the years! Even after 15 years of work experience in various IT segments, it was hard for me to say that I was a consultant!

A consultant is an expert, and you cannot become an expert for less than 10 years! Experience is gained by working and learning from those who are older than you and who can give you their useful tips! Only after many years of work and learning can you transfer that knowledge to the user and he will be pleased!

Because of all the above, I would ask you all to consider using this name!

Thank you!


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