Haven’t tried Manifold Release 9 yet?

I have been using Manifold for over 10 years. It is a phenomenal tool for preparing and processing geospatial data, and I can then automatically use that data further in Tableau!

Manifold is not one of the OpenSource solutions, but t would be willing to pay 5 times the price for the possibilities it provides! You can buy Manifold Relase 9 Universal for just US$ 95!

Manifold does in nine seconds what takes ESRI’s Spatial Analyst twelve minutes, running all the cores in your computer instead of just a few. Manifold is so fast that ESRI users can save hours by exporting data to Manifold, doing geoprocessing in seconds, and then importing back into ESRI.

What is important for me?

Easy Wizardry – Over 300 automatic templates deliver data science genius for spatial and non-spatial data in tables, imagery, vector geometry and more. Easy to use!


Manifold applies a treasure trove of knowledge, experience and street-smart savvy when connecting to hundreds of different database servers, web data sources, file databases and file formats. With a point and a click the data you want is accessed and available to you because Manifold knows the tricky details involved in so many different sources. You can see that in action when you connect to a web-based image server. Manifold automatically loads the URL with all the baffling details that might take you hours of tinkering or days of searching web forums to figure out on your own. Several different file formats use the same three-letter extension? No problem, as Manifold can tell them apart and will automatically use the right dataport to connect.


  • Way Faster – Do in seconds what takes minutes or hours in Arc. Do in minutes what takes days in Arc.
  • Simpler Workflow – Much traditional GIS is complex prep work to enable faster processing by slower tools. Manifold speed allows skipping unnecessary prep work for lower cost and faster response.
  • Agility – Faster performance and reduced complexity let you incorporate changes in data and analytics faster and more easily. Bring agility to your organization instead of wasting time trying to get around the limitations of slower tools.
  • Faster Launch – Only a 70 MB download, Manifold launches in 1/2 second.
  • Faster Opens – Open a 500 GB project with hundreds of layers in 1/10th second. Never fear big projects.
  • Bigger Data – Handle hundreds of GB of data. Open a terabyte project on a desktop PC.
  • Never Crashes – No matter how big or complex the job, Manifold never crashes.
  • Friendly with All – Interchange using popular GIS formats, including SDE, GDB and MDB Geodatabases.
  • Pays for Itself – Time is money. Save days and weeks for only $95, fully paid perpetual license.
  • Easier to Use – Hundreds of point and click, single step, transformations and geoprocessing tools with less setup.
  • Connect to Everything – Use more formats and data sources than any other GIS, including special support for seamless, spatial data connections to major DBMS servers like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, DB2 and many more.
  • Better Data Science – Far more advanced, built-in DBMS and SQL, and brilliant analytics. No external DBMS required, and automatically CPU parallel and GPU parallel. Do data science like the manycore 2020’s, not like the single-core 1990’s.
  • Higher Precision – Military-grade algorithms, sub-pixel reprojection for rasters, and 170+ grids built in for NADCON5, HARN, and NTv2.
  • No Dumbing Down – Arc crashes so much with bigger data you often have to use downsampled, less precise data with ESRI. Manifold easily runs with full precision data with no dumbing down required.
  • No Paywalls – Everything is included and built-in for $95. Get thousands of features and never have to buy anything extra.
  • No Puzzles – Manifold includes it all in a single, unified, highly orthogonal package that saves you time and money. No need to learn a patchwork of old, third party packages to do what should be built into the GIS itself, and no need to spend days playing software developer, trying to write bug-free code in Python for what Manifold delivers instantly with a point and click. Add Manifold to your GIS toolbox to complement those FOSS tools you know and love, to save time and effort when “free” software costs way more in time.
  • Better Scripting – If you like to code, Manifold supports 11 standard languages, including Python, V8, C# and Microsoft standard languages. Mix and match scripting inline in different languages on the fly within SQL expressions, and mix native SQL from DBMS packages like Postgres or Oracle within the same query as native, parallel, Manifold SQL. No limits, just ease of use and awesome power for GIS developers.
  • Super Documentation – Numerous videos provide a fast and easy start, and a lavishly illustrated, online User Manual written by full-time, professional, technical writers covers every detail of Manifold with hundreds of step by step examples. The API guide for developers provides hundreds of programmer to programmer examples, each given in C#, VBScript, and Python.
  • Honest Quality – Enjoy better quality with near-zero bugs. Bugs never pile up but are immediately eliminated within a week or two. No need to buy a maintenance contract – bug fixes are always free.
  • Affordable – For only $95, you can easily afford integrated ease of use, vast and comprehensive capabilities, results that are always correct, crash-free reliability, and eye-popping parallel speed.
  • Free Viewer – Publish multi-hundred GB projects created in Manifold that anybody can pop open in 1/10th second for free using Manifold Viewer – free to download, no registration required, and no ads or upsell.

and, just go at Manifold site and find more!


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