Open initiative – let’s help epidemiologists

The crisis with the COVID-19 epidemic is taking more and more states, many people are working from home. Healthcare workers are on the edge of strength and are lacking. Epidemiologists can no longer monitor the spread without good solutions.

So far, all of us who have designed BI solutions, made Dashboards to visualize the spread of the epidemic, have been focused on giving data to the public. It’s not enough! He should have turned over a new leaf immediately, and thus proved that Business Intelligence, Business Analyzes and AI can really help people who work to exhaustion, and that is health workers.

Please get actively involved

I will put the working concept of the solution on the Blog during tomorrow (26.10.2020), while for 27.10.2020 approximately at 12:00 I plan to make a Zoom meeting for all interested.

I need expert for:

  • Database designers
  • AWS / Microsoft Azure
  • Tableau Experts
  • Front end developers for web application
  • healthcare experts
  • doctors and epidemiologists

Since I am working on a draft structure of the initial database, any help is welcome!

The database should support recursive queries so that each chain of epidemic spread can be displayed.

Tableau should enable the display of 3 data sets: National, Regional and for the local community, for a selected time period as follows:

By locations from which the infection started, persons infected, in hospital treatment and in self-isolation (table, map of locations from which the location of the infection spread to which locations, number of irrigated persons, number of persons in isolation, number of persons in hospital treatment), …

The web application must be easy to use so that data entry can be performed quickly by trained staff.

That would be all for me today, and I ask you once again to join forces.
A quality visualization of the data collected will allow the entire community to sleep more peacefully, help governments finally manage the crisis, and provide adequate guidance.

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