New challenges, new projects, 2021. is here

Hello everyone!
I would like wish you all the best in the New Year, and to find the solutions and help you need in your projects with me this year as well.

I want to be clear enough at the beginning!
Any project can be accepted, but only if I have quality support and written material with description what you want. When it is written in a document, then I can give right advice, recommendation and offer a solution.

Depending on your request, some problems can be solved immediately, but in reality, with previously agreed projects, the principle of your problem can be approached in 7 days at the earliest. If you need help right now, on regular price add 20%.

And these are the prices for services:

  • Consulting services (database, Tableau, PowerBI) 500-700 Eur/Day
  • Creating DW and Tableau Prep Workflows: 600 Eur/Day
  • Creating OLAP cube: 800 Eur/Day
  • Create an interactive dashboard with up to 4 Sheets
    • (Tableau, Tableau Online, PowerBI) 1.200 -1.500 Eur
    • with Spatial data 1.300 -1.600 Eur
  • Consulting services: 100 Eur/hour

We can adapt to your requirements and offer an adequate solution!



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