About me

How did I get started

It was 1980. I came to work at a land surveyor company, and their first computer arrived: HP9830. Used BASIC and FORTRAN, the program could be recorded on tapes. Top! In three weeks I mastered BASIC and made the first program to digitize cadastral plans.

In 1982, as every surveyor, I bought an HP41C, the ideal RPN geodesy calculator, then a SHARP PC-1401, then an HP 71B mini-computer with a BASIC programming language, cassette tape, and magnetic tape reader. For them, I developed the first program to solve a system of linear equations using only the upper triangle of the matrix.

In 1986, I bought the first desktop computer that I delighted in with the ATARI 520 ST and made a program for it to calculate and display terrain models …

About me

Highly experienced Manager, IT Consultant and BI Expert with a demonstrated history of providing high-end solutions for clients.

A strong business development professional skilled in IT, Project Management, BI, Business Planning and Data Analysis. I have 28 years of work experience, with 24 years of management experience, including a senior-level position and 16 years of experience with OLAP and BI.

20 years of experience with the Public sector as Consultant, Project Manager, Sales, and Marketing Manager.

Ready to help you when need the knowledge of BI, Business Analytics or GIS.

Skills: Tableau, Power BI, MS SQL, R, Business Analysis, Data Analytics, MDM, Project Management, GIS, Spatial database

The main area of my work is R&D analytics and MDM for local and regional government data with data from companies in their ownership, which will create full business analysis, and how they spend money.

The second area of interest is BI and data analytics for banks and insurance companies.

Integration between GIS data and CRM data is another interesting area for me.

Successful implemented Project / Product Management in all tasks that includes a description of my job, including contact with end-users, product/project marketing, product/project selling, design and developed WEB-GIS SaaS solutions for gas distributors and urban planning.

Three years of intensive work on the analysis of economic data municipalities and cities, and lead seminars geomarketing for banks, insurers, wholesalers, and analysis of business results using big data and spatial data (including Risk Management).

What I’m particularly proud of:

I am the author of the GIS application and the first spatial database on the QNX OS and ZIM database. The application was written in C using the GKS graphics library, and an adaptation was made in the ZIM database to store simple geometric shapes: point, line and area. The app also had a successful installation with users. That was back in 1990, 10 years before Oracle introduced the Spatial database!

I am the author of the first automated drug market analysis system. Sales data were collected from pharmacies, merged with wholesalers that marketed them, and linked to pharmaceutical companies to obtain market share by product and compare quantities and prices.

I created a solution for acceptingand validating data, creating nad sending dana in DW, and creating and filling Olap cubes. It was 2003.